voice, Marxophone,
violin-guitar, kanklės,
more, much more...

fostering authentic human
connection through
heartfelt music
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be lost
         lost and easy
like a blade of grass in meadow wind
lost among grasses
like a feather among feathers
when the clear edges of color ripple

yet not
          so easy-
plant your feet and lean
reach into leaftip
                         into root top
comb the dark airs
                             and quiet waters
tangle fingers in stone
hold an ear
                to the Sun

           like the grassblade
    like the feather
be a reed
              in the wind

Martin Steingesser
Copyright © 1986 & 2004 Martin Steingesser

Two more pieces of poetry are slated to appear in
this box, if and when the copyright holders grant
permission.  For now, here are links to other
manifestations of those works:

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